The All Sail

<h2 align="left">Welcome to the Allsail Non Equity Yachtshare Member&acute;s Booking Diary&nbsp;</h2> <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: left"><font size="4">Gold members&nbsp;can make, view and change bookings and book standby days&nbsp;24/7 </font><font size="4">on THE FROG, </font><font size="4">Allsail&acute;s&nbsp;Beneteau 393 cruiser.</font></p> <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: left"><font size="4"></font></p> <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: left"><font size="4">Platinum members can also access the same privileges for their yacht Dancing Star, Allsail&acute;s luxury 2012 Bavaria Cruiser 40S</font>&nbsp;</p> <h1 class="arial2B"><a href="" target="_blank"> <h1>Allsail&acute;s home on the internet</h1> </a></h1>